Travel in Comfort with These 5 Travel Essentials

Travelling can be really stressful. It’s hard enough to remember all of the essential documentation! Sometimes you end up forgetting about the journey itself and how hard it can be on your body and health. It’s worth it though! A sore neck or serious lack of sleep will not stop you for seeing this beautiful world or getting to that out of town conference. Whether you are traveling by plane, car, bus, or train it can be long and uncomfortable. Having products with you that will help you relax and be more comfortable while on route to your destination will make your trip all the more pleasant.

1. Travel Pillow

You may have seen these before or even read other blogs that suggest them. That’s because they are great! They step up your comfort and ensure you don’t accidentally fall asleep without proper neck support. Is there anything worse than the drowsy head bob? Have you ever seen someone accidentally fall asleep on the stranger next to them? Or maybe it’s happened to you! A neck pillow will help you avoid this horrible embarrassment and help you get some extra shut eye.

2. Eye Mask

An eye mask is great especially if you have trouble sleeping when it’s bright. Sometimes you need to sleep when it’s daylight or your neighbour on the bus is flashing a bright light into a book. You will be far less disturbed if you can completely block out any light that may keep you awake. It is also key to have a dark as possible atmosphere for getting some decent sleep.

3. Earplugs

You know when that guy four rows down starts snoring like he is the train? Or that kid that starts screaming for no apparent reason? Or maybe the vehicle itself is too loud for you. In order to truly block out the world, it’s good to have a couple of pairs of ear plugs. I say a couple of pairs, because if you drop or lose one, it can easily be replaced. Whether you want to focus on work, read a book, or simply dose off, earplugs are an essential travel item to keep you feeling relaxed.

4. Entertainment

If sleeping while travelling isn’t your thing or you just don’t need to because you are on a shorter trip, entertainment will help keep your attention off the time while you wait to reach your destination. Make sure to pack a tablet, handheld gaming device, earphones, book, or whatever other item you need to keep yourself entertained. Don’t forget to put your devices on airplane mode!

5. A Journal

A journal can easily slip into your carry-on luggage. They can be a great way to write about your travels and experiences or even jot down plans while you are on route. Maybe you meet some great people and want to note down their emails. Or perhaps you need a quick way to write down directions. Having a notebook on hand can be really helpful when you need to write anything down.

Make your travels as stress free and comfortable as possible by trying out some of these travel essentials. You’ll find they’ll help you relax and experience the best trip of your life!


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