Time to hop on the scrunchie trend train!

You may have noticed a new trend popping up online in the last year. Perhaps your favourite Instagram influencers or TikTok stars have been talking about it or showing theirs off. Or, perhaps you’ve heard the whispers amongst your friends. If you haven’t heard or seen the colourful pictures appearing online, I’m happy to tell you that scrunchies are back and cuter than ever!

They’re coming out in many different sizes and colours ranging from small to oversized and plain to technicolour. Why have they come back? It could simply be that people were tired of the same old hair ties getting tangled up and even breaking their hair. Reaching for the more forgiving and gentle scrunchie allowed for pumped up updos and top-notch top knots. No falling flat or hair pulling pain to speak of.

The comeback may also be because they are fun to collect and an easy way to accessorize. With so many varieties to choose from, diversifying your style is as simple as reaching for that cute new scrunchie. They’re also great for keeping your hair out of your face or off the back of your neck on those hot summer days!

According to Teen Vogue, the trend has begun extending beyond the hair tie itself and has expanded into scrunchie scarves, scrunchie inspired clothing, scrunchie headbands, and is even popping up in handbag styles. They also say that this trend could be linked to a wave of nostalgic culture. We’ve gone through a cycle and have come back to scrunchies and once again get to enjoy all they have to offer. Some of the inspiration could have come from television reboots. Even popular “Stranger Things” character Eleven is seen sporting a scrunchie on the show.

I don’t know about you, but lately I have had my hair up more and more. The occasional top knot has become almost a daily occurrence. Reaching for a scrunchie makes me feel like I’ve put in more effort than I actually have. And guess what? This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon! You still have plenty of time to start your collection! Whatever your style may be. With all of the variety available, I’m sure you’ll find that a scrunchie is your new favourite go-to accessory!


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