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Did you know that the health of workers can have an important effect on investment? If workers are in poor health, there is a higher investment risk which means that companies need to act accordingly and invest in positive workplace nutrition interventions. Click here to learn more.

Asia’s and Africa’s developing countries are underperforming because of a lack of proper nutrition. A well-fed workforce can help increase the GDP of these countries by 11% each year. Right now, they are losing that much every year. Click here to find out how nutrition interventions in the workplace can help prevent this loss.

Did you know that proper nutrition can improve a workforce’s productivity by up to 20%?  Studies show that a $1 investment in the proper nourishment of a workforce can yield a $6 return. Here’s how the right type of nutrition interventions in the workplace can have a direct impact on profit.

Have you ever wondered how businesses make those eye-catching animated logos? It’s not as hard as it may seem. Having an animated logo included with your content gives it a professional and sharp look. In this week’s YouTube video, I go over a simple and free way to create your own animated logo using Canva. There are so many great free tools out there. Canva is an online design software that has tons of free features. I walk you through all of the steps from uploading your logo to bringing it to life within 2 minutes! Watch the video to get started.

Did you know that 43% of consumers want even more videos from their favorite brands? Have you added videos to your marketing strategy? It may seem complicated to learn how to shoot, edit, and complete all of the other steps required for creating videos, but it’s worth it. This week’s blog post makes it easy for you! It explains how to get started on YouTube, how to optimize your channel so people can find it, as well as other great ways of reaching your audience through videos. 91% of your customers are looking for more ways of engaging with you. Head over to the blog to get started!

Without using any words, this video not only shows off the product but also explains what it does. Only at the end do you find out what the brand is. At first, it seems like a gold bar, and it leaves you wondering what the point is. Then, the video finally shows the use of the product and ends with the brand name. The slow unveiling of the perfume was all planned. It captures your attention, piques your curiosity, then finally tells you what it is. They used lighting and camera techniques to bring this vision to life. Do you want to create something like this for your business? We’ll teach you how!

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Can workplace nutrition interventions help your business? Studies show that undernutrition costs developing countries 11% of their GDP each year. Click here to learn all about it.

Are nutrition interventions worth it for a company? Will they help improve their ROI? Click here to learn how ensuring good nourishment of their workforce will help.

Did you know that if an organization ensured the optimal nourishment of their workforce, they could increase productivity by 20%?  Find out how here.

Are you a consumer-packaged-goods (CPG) brand? If so, how do you market your products? Karin Samelson and Alison Smith, co-founders of Umai Marketing, are on this week’s podcast explaining how to grow a CPG brand successfully. Listen in to learn how!

Do you know how to set up your camera to get that perfect shot every time? In this week’s YouTube video, I go over these three simple settings that will help you capture any image perfectly. Grab your camera and start learning how today!

Have you considered investing in video marketing as a way of helping your business grow? Check out this week’s blog post to find out whether your business should invest in video marketing and how it could help you reach your marketing goals.


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