Is Social Media Bringing Us Down?

How often do you find yourself on your phone, tablet, or even work computer on some form of social media site? How often are you looking for your phone, in between chores or homework assignments, just to check out the latest buzz on Facebook or twitter? A couple of hours pass by and the dishwater is cold, and your evening has flown by without any of the things on your list being completed. It’s not a nice feeling.

What about when you log on to your favourite social media site and see that your bestie went out without you, or that someone has gotten engaged. Everyone is so happy online while you’re sitting at home alone, checking it all out from the sidelines. How does that make you feel, really? Sometimes it really gets to me. Doesn’t matter how mature I am or how much I think about my own accomplishments, something about my Facebook friends’ trip to Cuba seems so much better than everything I’ve done lately.

According to in their article “15 ways to Avoid Depression” social media use is addictive, can cause depression, and even lower your self-esteem. One of their suggestions is not having social media applications on your phone so that it is less accessible. They even suggest website blocking extensions that kick you off the platform after a certain amount of time.

Are these suggestions a little extreme? Do you feel like you’re in control when your own your preferred platform? Do you limit your own use or are you like me and find hours have gone by when you finally look up?

A study by Medical News Today’s “Can social media really cause depression?” found that using social media a lot does not cause depression. They suggest that personality has an impact on probability of becoming depressed more so than how much we use social media. Maybe this is the category I fall in to.

What do you think? Think about your life and your habits. Do you feel like you are living a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you’re getting everything done but are you getting enough sleep? Could social media be playing a role in your mood or holding you back and do you think you’ll limit your use anytime soon? Or maybe you’re killing it, living your best life. In that case, do you have any advice for the rest of us? Either way, let me know in the comments below!


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