5 Tips to Help Organize Your Kids’ Room

Keeping your kids’ rooms clean and tidy is no easy task. Do you find no matter what you do that there always seems to be stuff all over? How do you keep it organized while making sure that there is still space for your kids to play and create? Here are 5 simple solutions that can help you keep their rooms tidy, still be fun for them and even allow them to help in the tidying process.

1. Rolling carts

A rolling cart is exactly how it sounds: a cart with one or more shelves on wheels. If there is something your kids use frequently, like art supplies or even baby diaper changing supplies, having a cart that can contain all of these items and that can be easily rolled away into the corner or a closet when you are done, is a game changer. Some of them aren’t very tall, so your kids can easily access their toys themselves as well as help put them away when they are done. You can also have multiple carts. You may have one for each kid with their favourite toys or divide them by activity. However you choose to organize them, these are a great kid-friendly solution to keeping things neat and tidy.

2. Under the bed Storage

A great way to maximize the space in your kids’ room is to utilize the space under their beds. Some beds that offer built in storage solutions like drawers or shelves. There are also all kinds of bins and rolling drawers you can get that roll away easily and that can be used even after your kid needs a bigger bed. You can use them to store seasonal clothing, toys, stuffed animals, or even bedding. They can be used to store anything without taking up any additional space in the room leaving more space for your kids to play and grow.

3. Shelves

Consider installing kid friendly shelves. This is something your kids can reach and that they will be able to use on their own. If their favourite toy is stored on a shelf they can reach, they will be more likely to play with it and they will be able to put it back afterwards. Shelves can also be a fun way to create a little library for them, displaying all of their favourite books. Depending on the size of the shelves, you can even use them to hold baskets to store more items.

4. Clear bins

Having clear bins that you can stick labels on is a great way to stay organized. Your kids will be able to see exactly what’s in each bin. It’s already easy enough to lose or forget about things which is a common issue with bins that you can’t see into. Adding the labels will help you remember where everything goes when it comes time to clean up.  It’s also a great way to divide things by type. For example, different types of art supplies can have their own bin. Instead of sifting through a general art bin for coloured pencils, you simply need to grab the coloured pencils bin.

5. Use the walls

I’ve already mentioned shelves as a way of using the wall space in your kids’ room for storage, but there are also a couple of other great ways to use the walls. Having a bulletin board or magnet board is a great way to keep and display your kids’ art. It can also be used for pictures, chores lists, and schoolwork. Fun wall hooks are another great way to keep things organized. You can use them for your kids’ backpacks or their favourite cape or princess dress. They can also be used for jackets and other accessories.

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by using just one of these storage solutions and over time add in the others. You’ll start seeing a difference right away. You can even get your kids to help you pick out colourful rolling carts or fun wall hooks. Let them in on the design process and it will make organizing fun! Kids may not always (or never) clean up after themselves but at least it will be easy for them to learn how!


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