About Me

When I was 13, I suddenly got very sick and needed a heart transplant. Within fives months, I got that transplant. My whole world changed very quickly and somewhere along the way I got a little lost. I thought when my heart died, part of me died along with it. I was struggling to get my life back to normal (the way it was before) while at the same time believing I would never be normal or myself again. It’s been 20 years since then and I’m starting to realize that I didn’t go anywhere. I’m still here and much more than a heart transplant recipient. I’m an introvert, and an athlete. I’m creative and think about things a lot. I love adventures and people. There’s so much more and I get the rest of my life to figure it all out! That’s why I’ve name my blog “Life After a Heart Transplant”. I’m here to document the things I go through that impact me or the things I think about or just regular life things. There’s some transplant stuff mixed with regular every day stuff. Come along with me on my adventure through the rest of my life!

Canadian Transplant Games 2018