My Wish

Here we are
it’s December again.
None of us knew
how this year would end.

2020 was the year
we’d all have clear vision.
Reaching for our goals
and getting what we’d been wishing.

We had no idea
how it would really go.
So many people lost.
How many broken? We may never know.

We’d slow down the spread
and protect those who are essential. 
Not having a clue
how staying home was fundamental.

“The vulnerable can stay home!” 
Some people would shout,
not considering for a moment
how these words really felt.

You didn’t like it for two weeks,
some still don’t even when they should.
Staying at home all alone
you may lose us for good.

Yes, we are tough.
Many of us have been through some hell.
Why not help us out now?
Why are we such a hard sell?

I’m sorry for being dramatic
but I really don’t get it.
Why not do what you can
so that you don’t spread it?

I know all about your stats
and how they make you feel.
A percentage point makes
all the death seem less real.

I’ve been one of those numbers; 
almost died as a kid.
Let me tell you they don’t matter
if you’re the one that’s sick.

I’m having a hard time.
I’m not the only one.
I want us all to be safe and happy
like when this year had begun.

Filling the air
is the spirit of giving.
But all that I want this year
is to just keep on living.

I don’t want cool tech,
new clothes, or gift cards.
I just want next year
to not be so hard.

It will be at first, let’s be real,
this ain’t done.
But There may be a chance yet
for a great 2021.

I want to see my family,
My people, my friends!
Still, I have no idea
How this crisis ends.

We all have to keep striving.
That I know for sure.
To help one another
until they find a cure.

Wash your hands, stay away,
wear a mask, per guidelines.
Do these things and maybe soon
we’ll ALL be free of these confines.

So, during this special season,
use video calls. Please say hi!
I promise you’re not alone
and I hope...neither am I.

-Laura Bradley

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