A Poem

‘Twas the season of giving and holiday cheer and all through the town people were gathering near, to be close to their loved ones and hold onto them tight for this season was special with the snow sparkly white.

Not too far in a tower a young one did lie, wrapped in tubes and in wires on which she relied. Not a tear in her eye for she was as strong as an ox but her heart sank to think she was missing a lot.

Her mom sat beside her, she was never alone. Though she didn’t want this memory to be more than her own. Her sister and dad were there with her too as they gathered together, this hospital is all they knew.

She always had hope that an angel would come, someone selfless and giving would bring her freedom. No more holidays would pass full of illness and fear, all because of the gift someone would give her this year.

She didn’t know that person and she never would but by the love she received she’d reach adulthood. She’d do many things and learn a lot on her way, and she’d never forget what she received on that special day.

When renewing her health card they asked her the question and she gave them permission without hesitation. You don’t need to wait until you renew, you can go online here: blood.ca without further adieu.

While we’re wrapping presents and getting in the spirit, there are kids trapped in rooms just fighting to live through it. So during this season full of festive delight, Consider for a few minutes, giving the gift of life.

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