You are enough. You can save lives.

We had a booth set up at @Costco in #kanata last night. The Costco community recently lost a family member who was waiting for a compatible #organdonor. They asked us to come so that we might help prevent another #community from losing someone they love unnecessarily. Let’s do this #together.

In #Ontario 1500 people are waiting for #organtransplant. Every 3 days someone dies.

Can’t #donateblood? You can still be an organ and tissue donor. No matter what, you’re not too old, you’re not too unhealthy, you’re important exactly the way you are. Don’t think you’re good enough? You absolutely are. Join the #donornation community with me. You can save lives just by being you and by registering at

@ottawagift #beadonor #donatelife #trilliumgiftoflife #giftoflife #organandtissuedonation #organdonationsaveslives #givelife #iamadonor #endthewait

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