My Last Week as “Just a Receptionist”

Whenever anyone would ask me a question about myself, I would feel the need to add “just” in front of it. Someone would ask me what I do, and I would answer “I’m just a receptionist”. Someone would ask me what my program in school was “just a general arts degree”. What kind of sports do you do? “just swimming and sometimes biking”.

I never felt good enough and I didn’t understand why. Looking back, I was never seriously bullied. Sure, I heard comments, all people do. I never really let it get to me. I never really let it get to me because I was too busy bullying myself. The only one making me feel not good enough was me.

Going through what I went through as a kid really knocked me down mentally. I had to learn that it wasn’t my fault. I had to teach myself that I wasn’t weak. The disease took my heart, but it didn’t take from me what really matters.

Someone once made me realize that even though something isn’t a common accomplishment such as getting a degree, building a career, or buying your first home, doesn’t mean it’s not an accomplishment.

Everything you do for yourself, everything that you accomplish that’s important to you is an accomplishment. This person reminded me I had accomplishments. She asked me why I didn’t think learning to sail was an accomplishment. I didn’t know what to answer. I always just thought a university degree ranked and everything else I did didn’t. I was wrong.

If you biggest accomplishment today is getting dressed, doing your hair, making a healthy meal, or leaving the house, feel good about that. Everything that’s worth it is hard. You should be proud ❤

Breaking News: Today I ate vegetables #adulting

What makes you feel accomplished lately? It doesn’t have to be something that we all recognize, just something that you’re proud of. Let us know. Maybe you’ll inspire someone else to feel good about themselves today.

Just because you’re not doing the same things everyone else is, doesn’t mean the stuff you are doing is less meaningful. This is the last time I will call myself « just » anything. Keep going out there and living YOUR best life! ~Laura

I wrote this post a few weeks ago to try to perk myself up. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere fast. Even though I had just graduated and gotten a full-time permanent job. I’m 31 (Almost 32 😭) and don’t feel financially stable enough to move out. Crazily enough I was offered a position that I had applied to months before and didn’t think I was going to get. I accepted. I’m now an academic advisor and really darn proud.

In under a year I graduated, became employed, and got promoted. All major life accomplishments that 5 years ago seemed very impossible. Who wouldn’t be proud right? Just because you do something awesome doesn’t mean your old habits suddenly disappear. I caught myself almost saying « just » the other day for something entirely different. Language matters and impacts you more than you think. Just because you change a habit in one sector of your life doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to all sectors of your life. You are not « just » anything. You are you and that’s what makes you great. In the words of the great Dr. Seuss “you are you that is truer than true, there’s no one alive who is you’re than you”!

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