A little late in the Season

“It’s a little late in the season!” My dad and I had just gotten to where we store our small sailboat to set it all up when we heard this comment. In the last few years we’ve been through a lot. Family falling ill, needing major surgeries, even myself ending up in the hospital for a bad virus. I went back to school and have now completed my degree, my sister got married, and we went on a major life changing trip which I will save for another post ;). We’ve been on all kinds of ups, downs, and adventures and my little boat sat patiently waiting until we were ready again.

Patiently Waiting

I discovered sailing in 2012. I was trying to find something that made me feel whole. I had an awful job and had a lot of trouble mentally coping with the life I had ended up with. I knew I had to make a change but had no idea where to start. Out for dinner with my family one night I told them about some of the things I’ve always wanted to do, and sailing was one of them. Shortly after, my mom who is always there when you need a problem solved and who always wants people to be happy, found me a sailing school right here in town. I signed up right away.

Sailing was exactly as amazing as I thought it would be. I ate it up learning everything I could, always being early and spending hours on the water multiple times a week. The next summer I took another course and loved it even more. I now had 4 sailing certifications and was running out of courses to take. When I got home from work one day, I ended up on kijiji, found a boat for sale, messaged the owner, set a date to go see it, looked up from my laptop and said to my parents “Hey, do you mind if we go on a bit of a road trip on Friday night? I’d like to go see this guy’s boat” and I flipped around my laptop so they could see. They were pretty surprised. They agreed to take me.

Getting to the boat owners house, about an hour from ours, I immediately loved the boat and so did my parents. He had kept it in perfect condition and was selling it for a great price. I had a job for a while now, I had paid off all my debts and had saved up some money. I offered to buy his boat. Within minutes, he was writing up the bill of sale with my name on it and I was handing him a bank draft that I had brought with me. I became a boat owner at 25, before even finishing school.

Getting ready!

We didn’t have a hitch and were trying to figure out how to get it home. I was getting more and more deflated and eventually gave up. At the same time, the owner was writing up the bill of sale and asked me my address. I tell him. He says, “wait a minute, I’m heading there right now to see my sister in-law”. Turns out his sister-in-law lives right next to us! He tows the boat all the way to my house and helps us get it in the yard. I can’t believe my excitement and start trying to come up with names immediately.

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes it goes better than planned. Canadian winters are long. Maybe you discover something new like yoga. Maybe you quit your job to go back to school. Maybe you fall ill, or you parents fall ill. Maybe you meet someone special. If you’re me, you do all this and much much more. In the last 6 years I’m completely changed my life and I’m much happier. I’m ready to put my energy back into my favourite sport.

The other day when my dad and I went to fix up my boat and get it ready I was so excited. Then I hear “a little late in the season!” and I was a little shook. What does that mean? Too late for what? You should see what we’ve been up to buddy! I was a bit embarrassed because even though it’s been a few years since I discovered sailing, I’m still new and I momentarily felt like less of a sailor when I heard that comment. Then I realized something. I showed up. I showed up because I wanted to. I showed up because I was ready. I showed up because it’s my life and I get to do things when I’m ready. I don’t need to explain that to anyone. I’m not less of a sailor because of it. It’s not too late for me and dad and we are going to have a great time. The guy who said it probably had no idea I would take it this way. To him it was probably just a regular sailing comment. Who knows? Sometimes you gotta defend yourself to your own mind and remember that your choices make sense for you even when you start to doubt them. I once heard a quote “Do not dig up in doubt what you planted in faith”. My mind was trying to trick me, but I didn’t let it. I didn’t let the comment bug me anymore. I strut myself the rest of the way to my boat proudly carrying my boat gear and started putting it together with my dad. The summer isn’t over yet and until then, I’ll be sailing! #stilldoesnthaveaname #itsnevertoolate #Illbesailing #tasarsailing #sailboat #heartransplant #lifeaftertransplant #beadonor

5 thoughts on “A little late in the Season

      1. Loving what gives us joy is paramount to a life of happiness. That’s why this saying remains important: “where there is a will, there is a way”. We all need to discover that way in every of our life’s challenges. And whenever you wake up, your morning begins.
        Keep moving ahead, Laura, and embrace the beauty of life.


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